Photo Credit: Wendy Williams/Instagram; Judge Matthis/Instagram

While we’re praying for Wendy Williams and her health, we needed to bring back what was easily her second most iconic interview and that was with Judge Joe Matthis. The year was 2003 and he flamed her for a full 15 minutes on her own show. When rumors of him and cocaine came up, he reminded her that that was a rumor but she in fact did have a cocaine habit that caused her to miss work repeatedly that she blamed on her newborn baby. He also accused her of having 8 abortions. He told her, “This is called Wendy Williams getting a thorough checking” and said she was not about to send him back to the streets of Detroit by fueling such nonsense rumors.

When she asked him if he was sure he didn’t know the woman he allegedly asked to sleep with him and his wife, he then asked her if she was still doing cocaine. He then said she just came out of the bathroom looking like she has powder around her nose. And when a caller said Wendy couldn’t come up with any comebacks, he said it’s because she’s too high. He roasted Art as well calling him a jackass with his pants below his butt which means he wants to be someone’s wife. He said she was desperate for how she was behaving asking if she was okay, if she needed a loan, etc. He said his interview just might be the pilot she needed to get on television. And now almost 20 years later, this interview ranks as one of the best things to ever make radio.