Photo Credit: Flavor Flav/Instagram

Rapper and reality star Flavor Flav revealed he had a close call recently where he almost got killed driving. He was headed to L.A. from Vegas and had to go through the La Tuna Canyon, known for its dangers and down came a 6 ft boulder that crashed into the front of his car. And it came close to taking him and the car into the valley down below. He told TMZ that we should all treat each day like it’s our last and to let our loved ones know just how you feel while we’re all still here.

Speaking to Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight about his near death experience, he said “Right now, I’m still traumatized. Bro, I’m seeing flashbacks. I’m seeing flashbacks like crazy right now. When I went to go to sleep last night, that’s all I kept seeing was that big rock falling in front of my car.”

“God is good. He wasn’t ready for me!” he joked. “The only thing I can do for myself is try to leave it in the past now and move forward, because I’m grateful to be here… I feel like a cat that just got another life.”

He did say that prior to the incident he did notice “a lot of rocks in the street” but no indication of boulders potentially falling. “As I’m driving, all I see is this big, giant object coming across my windshield and then it hit the street,” he explained. “And as soon as this boulder hit the street on the right side of my car — the rock grazed my car.”

He said he drove away “in fear” for a few miles until he got to safety. “There was a guy that was pulling over with me. He was signaling to me to roll the window down,” he said. “I roll the window down and he said, ‘Hey, I seen that back there.’ And then as soon as I got out the car he was like, ‘Oh my God! Flavor effing Flav!’”

And he blames it all on his GPS. “I never listen to my GPS and that day, I listened to my GPS. I’ll never do it again, I’ll never listen to my GPS again,” he joked. “Stick to the highways, Flav.”

We’re just happy to have him still here. What would the world be without Flavor Flav. He’s been entertaining us all for over 30 years. It’s too soon for him to be gone.