Photo Credit: Floyd Mayweather/Instagram

Rolls Royces, Lambos and Maybachs, oh my! Floyd Mayweather has about 100 cars he says but decided to show off his Vegas garage with 16 cars in it that he calls the “Sweet Sixteen.” “I don’t know what I wanna take out tonight,” he says in a video ready to head out for a night on the town on his way to his strip club.

As for what’s in his garage, he’s got 5 Roll-Royces, 4 Ferraris, a Mercedes McLaren, a G-Wagon, a Bentley coupe and the car and truck Maybachs. In the end he chose the car Maybach saying he wanted to “make things nice and easy.” Mayweather made $100 million in his match with Logan Paul netting about $1.6 billion in total revenue throughout his career so he’s got it for all these cars.

And if you’re wondering about what club he was headed to in the video, it’s his gentleman’s club, Girl Collection in Vegas on S Highland Drive. As for why he got into the business, he said because “breasts, vaginas, alcohol and music will never go out of fashion.”