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Rapper Foogiano has been behind bars for a good amount of this year for burning off his ankle bracelet over a gun possession charge. His fiance Renni Rucci took his side pointing out that the judge had recently just come from a suspension for using the N word in court and that that was the reason he was given a whopping 5 year sentence. Either way, Foogiano expressed his gratitude for her remaining loyal while he’s been locked away on Instagram.

“Everyone left but you, you don’t get the praise you deserve! You not even from me. I love you more than I know how to explain. There are no others, its just me and you and I’m fine with that. They talk but they don’t know. My Queen! My Fiancee! Thank you for the patience and the love. I’m with you 4 Life & After @rennirucci_.”

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Renni came behind him and commented, “I love you soooo much and I miss tf out you! these comments are hilarious.” And if you were wondering when the two got engaged, he sent her a diamond ring, flowers and chocolate covered strawberries from behind bars in October for Renni’s 30th birthday.

While there are people who undoubtedly have something to say about her sticking by his side while he’s locked up, that’s one of the biggest issues in the criminal justice system, leaving loved ones and friends to fend for themselves. Even if they broke up, being able to look after him to make sure that he’s fine when he comes out at minimum would be monumental. But kudos to them for keeping their love alive.