Photo Credit: Foogiano/Instagram

Rapper Foogiano is currently having the book thrown at him in the most bizarre of ways. He has a gun charge that had him on house arrest even though someone else claimed ownership of the gun in question at the time of his arrest in December 2020. After going on house arrest, he cut his ankle monitor off and became a fugitive which has since earned him a 5 year sentence he received this week. The problem is this all stems from the claim to have a gun as a felon that he in fact didn’t. Sidebar: If possession charges didn’t exist, given the fact that even criminals deserve the right to protection, we wouldn’t be here. But that’s another story.

Now his girlfriend, Renni Rucci has called out the judge saying he had been suspended for using the N word in court and is just now being reinstated, showing obvious bias in the case. ““Judge William A. Prior of Greene county, GA called out for blantantly calling someone the N word in court.. returned from his suspension and is back as senior judge sending more brothers and sisters to jail… this shouldn’t be allowed because it shows racial prejudice,”” she wrote in her Instagram Stories.

She later added, “So after yesterday we found out a lot of other families loved ones received the harshest sentences possible in situations that have been handled differently when dealing with inmates of other ethnicities let’s do what we can to make sure people [like] this don’t have the power to play with the lives of others.”

And we’ll add that Foogiano is no punk. Trey Songz posted his girl while he was away and he checked him from behind bars saying he would “slap the sh**” out of him when he got out. Signed, “the Mayor.” Okay, that was kind of funny and we’d pay good money to see that happen.

We’re going to be reporting any further updates on this case and whether the judge’s past behavior will have any weight on Foogiano’s sentencing.