Photo Credit: Mike Scott/Instagram

Philadelphia 76ers player Mike Scott reportedly had gotten into a fight outside of an Eagles and Redskins game Sunday but footage has just now been released. Now Scott’s from Virginia and he’s a major Redskins fan which means Redskins disrespect around him is likely not going to be tolerated. With that being said, he got into one hell of a fight throwing punches and literally knocking people out. It isn’t clear what started it but he was in the middle of tailgating outside when a coffin came by in the parking lot which is said to have set him off. Apparently, according to some sources he thought it was mocking the late Redskins player Sean Taylor.

Any and all attempts to hold him back or even jump in were futile because when he got up to address whomever that day, for a lack of better words, he did what he came to do. And we wonder if it occurred to anyone that he’s 6’8 and picking a fight with him was probably not going to be a good idea. To quote what we believe was Quad from Married to Medicine last night who sat witnessing a major brawl while drinking in an outdoor lounge setup outside of an event, “it’s a parking lot. What did you think was going to happen?” Drinking in a parking lot never ends well and since tailgating occurs among friends, whoever was around the guy who ended up in Scott’s face clearly was not his friend. We’ll be reporting more on this as additional details come in.