Photo Credit: LassoBros

You may remember that we covered R&B singer Kevin Mccall getting into a fight with Security at a courthouse in Atlanta on his way to a custody hearing with his ex Eva Marcille’s team recently. The story goes that he walked into the building live streaming the experience.. a pretty common thing, that is except he was asked to stop. He refused and the Security guard chased him down the escalator and body slammed him until another officer came. This of course came after he called the Security guard a b*tch and challenged him to a fight. Now in his defense, it does look a bit extreme, as in, did the officer really have to go through all of THAT over him filming. But we’re going to see whether it gets deemed that things were taken too far.

What pains us about covering this is that it reminds us of the series of bad stories Chris Brown had from years of bad behavior. It feels like that all over again. Mccall’s an extremely talented guy. He’s a great singer, dancer, producer, he’s a handsome guy… and one would think there is no reason for him to not be at the top of the industry. And speaking of Chris Brown, this weekend, shortly after getting out of jail, Mccall started threatening him again. He wrote, “you still running rom you put-on come let me beat you up so u can throw up the hooks …” He then added another threat for Brown’s fans, saying “Imma post this everday until somebody from Team Breezy commit suicide…I want them all to kill themselves and get it over with. They some miserable irrelevant little fuccers who never fight in person.”

That last part kind of made us laugh… he’s going to post that threat everyday. Ok, Kevin. We don’t even know what happened that caused him to restart his fight with Chris Brown. We actually follow him fairly closely on social media in hopes that he’ll show some promise again and as we last checked, just a few weeks ago, he was saying nice things about Brown on Instagram. In fact, he periodically shares old pics and videos of them together from the time they recorded Deuces, now some 7 or so years ago, which means he’s long overdue for a follow up, but I guarantee it’s his behavior that’s keeping people from working with him. It’s as if you never know what’s going to happen next and if that’s our observation, others have to be thinking the same. And if his friends aren’t saying anything to him, they’re just as much to blame.

As of now, Kevin Mccall is facing 4 misdemeanors and a felony over this escalator fight. For the sake of his fans, we want to see him win and hopefully we won’t have to cover anything else like this from him, at least not any time soon.