Photo Credit: TMZ

Former NFL player Marion Barber was arrested Wednesday in Texas for “criminal mischief” stemming from a July 2018 event. As for what this criminal mischief is, it isn’t clear. To give you an idea of what type of person he is and what type of stuff he could have been arrested for, he was arrested in June for going inside of a church brandishing a loaded gun. Police showed up saying he was disoriented and was taken in for “mental detention and observation.” His former teammates have said they were concerned about him and wanted him to get some help. So if this is how this man is behaving, who knows what happened.

The 6 year old was arrested by the Prosper Police Department and taken to the Denton County jail. Criminal mischief can result in a total of a year in prison and a $4,000 fine. It’s been close to a decade since he’s been in the NFL as he spent 2005-2010 with the Cowboys and 2011 with the Chicago Bears. We’re just hoping that he gets the help that he needs. He’s had repeat incidents of the police needing to come get him over his behavior. And he’s not a small guy either. He’s too big to be out menacing the public. Five years ago a total of 5 police cars were dispatched to take him for a mental detention once again for another incident where no one mentioned what he did. Hopefully he has some sort of family who can intervene. He was a great football player and it’s hard to watch someone’s legacy deteriorate this way.