Photo Credit: Chris Johnson/Instagram

During April of 2018, former Tennessee Titans Running Back Chris Johnson had an unfortunate event outside of a Hillsborough County, Florida nightclub. He asked the valet for his keys and when they asked for proof that he owned his vehicle because they didn’t have his ticket, he proceeded to put the man in a chokehold and punch him in the face. While footage of the alleged incident was hard to make out what happened, the victim shared a video of the bloody aftermath where he said he thought he was going to die during the altercation.

The plea deal Johnson entered into came after months of fighting and involves the charge against him being dropped. Those in misdemeanor intervention programs in Hillsborough County, Florida are generally required to just pay fines, restitution and to do community service. This reminds me of the time T.I. didn’t have his key fob or whatever it was he needed to get into his gated community and ended up in jail overnight.

Another attempt the NFL has made to stop these things is the NFL Players Association Commission on Violence Prevention which from our understanding only covers spousal abuse. It came about after the Ray Rice incident. They probably just think that knocking out valet workers being wrong should just be common sense but he dodged a major bullet in not having any jail time for what he did and we have yet another violence situation within the NFL. We’re going to have to see if in the near future how the NFL decides to publicly address these incidents.