Photo Credit: Jamie Lynn Spears/Instagram; Britney Spears/Instagram

Jamie Lynn Spears only made it 2 weeks on Dancing with the Stars before being eliminated to what appears to be to the credit of the #FreeBritney crowd. After police showed up to her sister Britney Spears’ home because she was dancing with knives in her hands, it reminded people how her sister Jamie Lynn sat and watched the conservatorship go on over the years without saying a word. And so it is no surprise that Jamie Lynn was voted off given how Britney’s fans are still looking for blood. The leader of Justice for Britney, Melanie Veronica has expressed the desire to see criminal charges for all of those involved.

As for Jamie Lynn’s ousting from the show along with her professional dancing partner Alan Bersten, she shared on Instagram that she had no regrets about being on the show. She wrote, “Yalllllll, I promise I hear and see all the many wonderfully passionate ppl who are not happy with the way things fell tonight, and i appreciate the tremendous amount [of] love and support.” She continued, “This was an amazing experience, and I’m very happy to have been apart of it, and soooo excited to see all the fabulous contestants and their partners continue to KILL it each week!!!!!” As for her partner Alan Bersten, she said, “Alan, you’re the absolute best friend and partner that anyone could ever ask for.”

In other Britney Spears news, her estranged husband Sam Asghari had to come to her defense when she was being attacked by former President Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump, Jr, who posted side by side pics of Britney Spears, one with her dressed normally on the left captioned as “America under Trump” and the one on the right of her wielding knives dancing captioned with “America under Biden.” Don Jr., just captioned the meme with “yup.” Now magine your father being close to going to prison for trying to overthrow democracy and you’re sitting on Instagram mocking celebrities that don’t even take you seriously. Well that’s Don Jr. for you… the former President’s alleged coke head son. Asghari responded by tagging Trump saying “It’s okay to not be a bully.” And of course he knows this but that’s why his family is in the position they’re in now, bullying judges, prosecutors, sending his voters to attack the United States Capitol, all around bullying but we’re going to see how this ends very soon. And something tells us it won’t be pretty.