Photo Credit: Charlamagne/Instragram; FunkFlex/Instagram; Erica Huang/Instagram

Charlamagne Tha God found himself in the crosshairs of Kwame Brown during his media tirade he’s been on letting people know he wasn’t going to tolerate being the butt of NBA jokes. So when he appeared on The Breakfast Club and Charlamagne felt like digging his family history up, he went full nuclear. Brown brought up Charlamagne’s sex assault case from the early 2000s. Not only did he bring it up, he vowed to find the woman who filed the suit.

And to Brown’s aide who has been swinging at everything moving is Funk Flex. He found the audio of Charlamagne’s rape accuser from 20 years ago where the mother was crying about feeling betrayed by Charlamagne. She said he promised to make sure nothing happened to her daughter and instead ended up violating her. For full disclosure, Charlamagne had all charges against him dropped but should this woman be found as Brown said he’s going to work on doing, that would be interesting.

Also entering the social media ring is Wendy Williams‘ ex husband Kevin Hunter, also on Brown’s side threatening to expose Charlamagne. He went on Instagram saying, “I see we back to CHARLEMAGNE story telling time!” wrote Hunter on Instagram. “( salute to KWAME BROWN ) . . .after all the TALK I think it’s time to SHARE some REAL SCARY TRUTHS about an individual y’all really STILL no NOTHING about . .and DEFINITELY time to clear up the LIES . . .TRUTH IS POWERFUL. . and there is only one true God . . I REGRET the day I ever brought you around ANY OF MY PEOPLE . . “STORY TIME” ! . . the truth will BLOW YOUR MIND!”

He went on to say, “Me ex BEEN told me you was a piece of SH*T . . and i mean EARLY . . I was like nah this lil dude like my BROTHER, treated him like FAMILY . . open my HOME . . let em live RENT FREE . .got em his 1st JOB & SALARY next to the QUEEN of NY RADIO in the #1 MARKET only for this F*CKBOY to act like an unappreciative piece of sh*t . . . time for TRUTH.”

Now Charlamagne and Hunter’s ex Wendy Williams have been able to put the hatchet behind them so for him to continue this is absurd. Both have already declared their dislike for him and his behavior. This beef goes back at least a decade. It’s time to move on. There’s nothing worse than people later in life carrying on about things decades old.