Photo Credit: Eliza Reign/Instagram; Prince Williams/ATLPics.Net

Future went on Twitter today clearly in some type of a mood carrying on about ugly women. He said to leave them alone and stop making them feel cute. Now this is being done with his girl Lori Harvey probably lying next to him during quarantine. Weeks after having a paternity test proving he’s the father of a 1 year old with model Eliza Reign Seraphin and being asked for a whopping $53,000 a month in child support, he’s been alleged to not have seen his new child yet OR paid a single dime in child support.

“For over a year” Seraphin stated, “the Plaintiff herein has refused to acknowledge his paternity of the parties’ minor child. He’s never paid a penny in support for the minor child, and in fact is never even met the minor child.”

Seraphin went on to sue Future, whose real name is Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn for defamation of character to include accusations about her mental health and sexual behavior. “This allegation that Ms. Seraphin ‘stole my last name’ refers to Mr. Wilburn’s misguided idea that Ms. Seraphin was somehow able to unilaterally impregnated herself with Mr. Wilburn’s DNA (rather than because of the two years of unprotected sex the parties had previously engaged in) and that by giving the child who was subsequently conceived as a result of these sexual relations Mr. Wilburn’s last name, that Ms. Seraphin thereby ‘stole’ Mr. Wilburn’s last name.”

On top of not seeing his son or paying child support, Seraphin has also said her life has been threatened by the rapper with him threatening to have her killed while pregnant to force her to have an abortion. Other things she’s suing for is libel, slander, and emotional distress.

All of this seemed to be the last straw for Future who completely ripped her a new one in the most misogynist way without actually saying her name. And the crazy part about it is that he admitted to a two year sexual relationship with her and now that he has something like his 8th baby with his 7th baby mother he wants to call her ugly. And for the record, there is absolutely nothing ugly about her.