Photo Credit: Taina Williams/Instagram; G Herbo/Instagram; Ari Fletcher/Instagram

G Herbo’s womanizing ways are starting to catch up with him and by way of footage from his 2019 arrest for assaulting his ex and baby mother. Ari Fletcher. For a little background, he was and still is in a relationship with Fabolous‘ step-daughter Tania Williams. Not only did he assault Ari, but she was 14 weeks pregnant with her then boyfriend Gervonta Davis‘ child.

Now some of you may have forgotten but he has his toxic ways. He cheated back and forth on Ari and Taina with each other which would be enough to make any woman show out. But what in the case of Ari, she explained on Instagram about how he kicked down her door, beat her in front of her child, hid the knives, broke her phone and had his friends take her child and proceeded to drag her by her hair and break everything in the house.

As for Herbo’s side of the story, a leaked audio clip of him speaking to Atlanta police during the time of his arrest, he said they had just had sex a couple days ago and it wasn’t worth it. Mind you, he already had gone public with his current relationship. He went on to say, This not even worth it. For what? She could’ve just gave me my sh*t. What she wanna hold on to me for? She wanna f*ck me or something? What is it? We did that already. I just f*cked her the day before yesterday. Why does she wanna hold sh*t over my head? You wanna play with me like I’m your puppet so you can have control over me while you still f*ck with this little a** boy that you wanna f*ck with to make me mad, just so I can stop f*ckin’ with my girl who I really care about…She gon’ still do what she wanna do with her boyfriend…I want to be with my girl. I really love Taina! I don’t wanna be with f*ckin’ Ari! She not ’bout to use me as no puppet ’cause she got my sh*t that I paid for!”

He then talked about her behavior saying, “She too manipulative. She the f*ckin’ devil! She got me doin’ all this sh*t ’cause she wanna have control over me…got n*ggas goin’ to jail and sh*t about they own sh*t…bro, f*ck her. I ain’t start being with Taina [to] f*ck with her. She made it toxic!…don’t f*ckin’ manipulate me to make me be back with you!”

His current girl Taina posted a video of her listening to Mario‘s remake of the Keith Sweat song, ‘Right And A Wrong Way’ on Instagram. Ari then went on Twitter posting, “Never been the type to fold under pressure…I done gave all the f*cks I can give…I’ve grown so much that it’s scary. A b*tch came a loooooong way, on God!”

Herbo denied this threeway relationship during the spring on Angela Yee’s ‘Lip Service Podcast’ only for Ari to tell him not to publicly speak on her. Whatever it is he has going on, he needs to calm it down. Smashing a boxer’s girlfriend’s a good way to get your arse whooped and the cheating back and forth is only going to land him on First 48. Remember when Blueface had his ex trying to break his house windows while he filmed it laughing? Yeah, keep playing with these women. Anyone see Taraji P. Henson in ‘Acrimony?’ Enough said.

And the internet is having a field day with this one, as they should.