Photo Credit: Gayle King/Instagram

Gayle King kicked off the second season of supermodel Ashley Graham’s podcast with some conversation none of us expected. And that conversation involved her appearing in some nude photos in college. Now this woman is currently one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of the year and it’s official, if she can appear naked with her stature, anyone can. Now these images, she says will never see the light of day because she has all of the negatives from her then photographer boyfriend. Now this is an instance where I agree with Wendy Williams who said that she would have kept that to herself because he could hear this and now have reason to sell them since the world now knows about it. He also might be hurting for money these days. You never know.

“I was dating a guy who was a photographer and I thought, ‘OK, let’s have a sexy photoshoot,’ King told Graham. “Now, my idea of a sexy photoshoot, I was nude. But Ashley, I was wearing rollers,” she said, referring to curlers in her hair. “I’m posing, I’m doing all the things. I mean, you stick your butt out, you stick your boobs out.” She went on to explain how she’s ensured the photos won’t be leaking saying, “I went with him to the dark room to develop them and then when they were done I got all the negatives, so I know that they will never see the light of day.”

Well, well. Where has this fun side of Gayle been all this time? Wendy talked about the time she did PETA’s naked campaign and said she didn’t care if her images were leaked. Even though she doesn’t think King should have mentioned she took nude photos because they could be leaked, she said they could leak hers because she knew hers looked good. Hers was only topless as she had a tiny thong that was rolled down but said as for the couple instances her hair moved exposing her boobs, she knows what she has going on there is just A okay. Alright, Wendy. It sounds like someone was almost provoking their nudes to be leaked. Well if they come out, they’ll likely help with the ratings for the new film she’s having made about her life now.