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The Real Housewives of Potomac is now in Season 6 and has proven to become increasingly more and more interesting as time went on. The show has its personalities and has come a long way since Season 1 when Karen Huger was sucking up all the airtime with her etiquette rules that the rest of the cast thought was completely out of character and hilarious of her. Some people come on the show and make their presence known from the start and two of those people are surprisingly Dr. Wendy Osefo and newcomer Mia Thornton.

Osefo seems like she has waited her whole life to come out of her shell on this show. She’s a very accomplished woman and anyone who attempts to give her as much as a raised eyebrow questioning any of it promptly gets eviscerated. Then there is Mia Thornton. She’s an eye catching woman full of mystery. We recently learned she was a bartender that graduated to being a stripper about 15 years ago. Now she said she was a stripper where her “clients” in an upscale gentlemen’s club usually didn’t want her to take her clothes off. That came with immediate questions from the rest of the cast in their confessionals.

Huger said she was considering getting a pole and getting Thornton to show her some things. As I see it, whatever it was she was doing, that was clearly a long time ago and she’s married and bossed up now with a man that helped get her into the executive world. Oh, and there’s her openness about getting work done, specifically getting her cl*t done. You’ve got to love the honesty.

Part of the climax of Sunday’s episide involved Osefo and Thornton carrying their beef from last week’s episode about Thornton in Osefo’s mind flip flopping on her thoughts about Gizelle Bryant after first meeting her. And in the continuation of their discussion, Thornton’s hand movements were seen as threatening by Osefo… again.

“I talk with my hands, sorry, you got to get used to it,” Thornton told Osefo. “You can’t tell me how to act this is my demeanor, if you don’t like it you can sit over there.”

“I didn’t come for you at Karen’s house because I respect people’s houses, but today I have time,” Osefo replied. “I am Zen Wen, so do not try to come for me because what I do have, and what I will always have, is time. So tick-tock, Mia.”

Osefo tried explaining what happened to Bryant, turning to her saying, “She was basically saying that I was coming off as being shady because I was uplifting you at the table,” Mia told Gizelle, who replied, “I love the fact that you’re trying to get to know all of us.”

“I’m just being Mia,” she said. “I will forever be transparent.”

And Osefo told Thornton, “Your issue is not with me, your issue is with yourself, because every 10 seconds you put your foot in your mouth,” Wendy said.

“Clearly she’s unhappy at home,” Thornton told everyone else. “No, sweetie — you’re unhappy at home. That’s why you need your cl*t fixed,” Osefo told Thornton, referencing her pointing out in her first scene on the show that she had vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

The debate continued with Thornton calling Osefo small minded and Candiace Dillard said in her confessional that Osefo needed to stop puffing her chest out at Thornton before she popped a t*tty. That was hysterical by the way.

Karen Huger said “This is supposed to be a celebration for Ashley’s baby, but Satan is throwing the party so, this is what happens,” referencing Bryant as Satan.

Mind you all of this occurred with Wendy Osefo acting under her new nickname of Zen Wen she gave herself. This wasn’t exactly zen but we see these two will be a big part of making this season.

But there’s a lot of other questions we have in moving forward with this season regarding these two like Thornton saying she had her vagina done because she had been getting it in. Is it inappropriate to want to know details? She offered the information. And is Eddie enjoying Miss New Booty Wendy’s upgrades?

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