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Memphis rapper GloRilla just signed to Yo Gotti in July and already she’s getting some major industry respect. Her breakout single F.N.F. (Let’s Go) was released in April and not only has sat on the Hot 100 all summer but it has gotten noticed by Cardi B and Travis Scott. Cardi told Power 105 said it was pretty much a given that her song was the song of the summer which is beyond big as an acknowledgement. Then there’s Travis Scott caught on camera vibing out to her song in a club captioned with “Travis turning up to Glorilla is a whole mood [laughing emojis].” Some of the comments ranged from one person on TheNeighborhoodTalk writing, “And Travis is me when this song comes on,” and “Lol. I have never seen him this carefree. It looks good on him” from another user.

She was also interviewed by TMZ today and her fans think they were being too nosey. Things started by her being asked about the $500,000 advance she got from Yo Gotti which caused her to erupt in laughter saying, “I haven’t touched it.” Still she was asked again, “Are you going to invest it?” She responded saying Yes. They responded asking “What are you going to invest it in? More than just rap?” She replied, “You’re [going to] see.” This lead to a number of comments criticizing the line of questioning with peoplee saying “She’s asking too many invasive f*cking questions. Disrespectful.” Another added, “Did she really ask have you spent it?”

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