Photo Credit: Tessica Brown/Instagram; Chromoscope Pictures/Instagram

As if embarrassingly having to have surgery to remove hair product that the whole world mocked watching, Tessica Brown, known as the Gorilla Glue Girl now has a cancer scare to worry about. Since it was a plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Obeng, who reached out to her to help her get out of this sticky situation (pun intended), naturally she’s looking to get some plastic surgery done. While having a consultation on a mommy makeover, lumps were found in both of her breasts. A mammogram has since been done according to her manager Gina Rodriguez and they’re testing for cancer.

Brown is pretty upbeat about the situation saying she feels everything happened so that she can have this taken care of now instead of further down the line when it’s too late. She certainly has been blessed to have the amount of support she’s had this far and if a mommy makeover, to include a  boob lift/implants and some abdominal lipo seems like it shouldn’t be on her priority as some have stated, 1) mind your business and 2) just as she said, it was only God that allowed the lumps in her breasts to be found now. Hopefully they’re nothing serious.