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Actor Eddie Deezen played the nerd in Grease and has found himself in the most ridiculous and absurd situation that he created being an absolute creep and then admitting it. He wrote on Facebook how much he liked this waitress that he came to see like clockwork. He managed to figure out what day she liked wearing fake eyelashes, came in on those days and the day she stopped wearing them, he quit going to the restaurant. He documented all this on Facebook asking if he was wrong. He even went into detail asking women what would they do if they had some eye candy they liked looking at and they started to come out looking unkept and slovenly.

Now just imagine the woman he’s talking about getting a hold of these messages. That’s pretty creepy. And it’s quite sexist to have a man tell you, “hey fix yourself up, kid.” She screenshot his Facebook post to put on Twitter calling him a creep, saying he comes in asking others for her schedule and leaves when she doesn’t have makeup on.

Deezen said he’s now being cyberbullied by the Cumberland, Maryland waitress. His attorney Adam Hirshfield said he’s afraid for his life and the waitress Kara Lashbaugh is being accused of spreading rumors about him. I mean, read the post.. He’s the one who wrote that stuff. Unless he’s denying it. He’s also claiming she’s looking to get famous and it’s caused him to get banned from a few restaurants around town. I’ll just say this. If I had a crush on a waiter or waitress that I was coming in to see, I think I would have kept that to myself. Some things don’t need to be put down on paper.

You can read the Facebook post he made in its entirety below.

Eddie Deezen FB Post 06252021