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While Easter this year has involved most of us stuck at home thanks to social distancing and lockdowns, resorting to sitting through Joel Osteen speaking to watch Mariah Carey perform today or others doing drive through church, Gucci Mane’s day went a little different. He got up bright and early this morning and tweeted “I pray my haters die of corona virus 😷.” Immediately the responses came in saying, “That’s just too much,” “Cancelled,” or even the reminded that “everything is a reciprocal,you are also a hater in someone story so chill.

To put this in perspective, there so far have been 112,000 people around the world that have died from the coronavirus and in many cases it’s a matter of just weeks from diagnosis that they’ve died. We have more cases in the U.S. than anywhere in the world. In DC where I’m from, for the first time I ever recall seeing in my life, someone hung themselves there. It could be stress over this situation or just a coincidence but these are stressful times for many. This is the last thing anyone feels like seeing when everyone’s trying to do what they can to help things.

Diddy at this very second is having a dance off for charity and Rihanna just cursed out her fans for asking about her album when she was trying to be serious telling us what she’s doing to help the coronavirus crises and this is what this guy’s doing. In the end, you can’t expect the best behavior out of everyone, but come on bro. It’s Easter. He just announced a $1 million deal for the next artist he signs so he probably thinks that’s enough charity and f*ck all of our feelings. smh

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Happy Easter 🐇

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