Photo Credit: Mac Critter/Instagram

Gucci Mane’s label 1017 Records is currently embroiled in a scandal where their newly signed artist Mac Critter is currently one of two men arrested and charged for first degree murder in Memphis. The victim, Markeith Taylor was called over to an SUV by Mac Critter where at that point, 4 men with guns jumped out and Gary Taylor was said by the eyewitness to have shot him several times. And after he fell to the ground, the SUV pulled off. Police affidavits also said Critter, whose real name is Daniel Bates and Gary Taylor are known gang members.

Though Mac Critter was arrested Thursday, December 29th and charged with murder, he was subsequently released on his own recognizance. Still, after today’s court appearance, his bond was revoked and he was returned to Shelby County Jail. Markeith Taylor’s mother expressed being at a loss for words when her son’s accused killer was released saying, “He would cook, he would clean, he would take care of his babies, and he loved his girls. He had to beg for his life. That’s probably all he was thinking about his babies.” Then days after his murder, she said someone fired shots at her home, sister’s and father’s home too. “I don’t know when somebody is going to do something to me. Everybody I see now I’m really terrified, because I don’t know who is who. I don’t know if they have a picture of me. I don’t know if they are riding around. I’m trying to keep my family safe, and I have nothing.”

The Shelby County District Attorney’s Office released a statement about his release saying it was in error. “We’ve received several inquiries regarding the case of Gary Taylor, who was charged with First Degree Murder and due to a process error recently released on his own recognizance pending trial. The DA’s Office played no role in the decision to release him. Per longstanding procedure, the judicial commissioner made an initial bond decision to set “no bond.” Subsequently, a process error resulted in Mr. Taylor’s release. The matter never got to the point where a prosecutor was involved in the bond decision.

It is important to note that Taylor’s release was a mistake and not typical. The error had nothing to do with bail reform generally or the new bail procedure set to start in February. Someone charged with First Degree Murder would not ordinarily be released on his own recognizance.

We understand that a warrant was issued soon after, that the defendant showed up for his court date today, and is now in custody with no bond. The DA’s office will vigorously pursue the prosecution of this case, and will also consult with other officials in an effort to prevent mistakes like this from reoccurring.” His management stated that Mac said he’ll be home soon and wanted to thank his fans for supporting him.

At least Mac Critter’s confident he’s coming home. We’ll be staying on this topic to report further.