Photo Credit: Gunna/Instagram

Rapper Gunna has his YSL RICO trial starting in January and is currently on his 4th motion for bond as his first 3 have been denied, but that hasn’t stopped him from attempting to be positive. He just posted to his Instagram Stories Tuesday evening, November 22nd that simply said, “God is good.” While some were being aleck saying things like “😭😭 god is good but u still in jail?”, we’re sure his fans are happy to see that he’s in good spirits which means there might be a good chance he might be beating this. Unfortunately Twitter is filled with people trolling him over the topic.

As fro Gunna’s previous requests for bond, prosecution argued to Judge Ural Glanville that he could be a threat to witnesses saying, “The other challenge that our imperfect system hasn’t figured out a way to deal with other than reconsidering the issue of bond and changing circumstances of bond is [to] acknowledge for proof that may or may not come to trial, but the state brings that burden at this point in time.”

“And it’s not a perfect system in the sense that we won’t know until that point in time whether or not many of these statements that have been preferred by the state will come to pass,” they explaned. “But at this point in time, I don’t find any change in circumstances that would allow me or move me [to] changing my decision as to bond.”

Gunna appeared in court last week when his January 9th, 2023 trial date was set where Judge Glanville stated “The biggest driver that I see is that I’ve no-bonded most all the people in this trial, and they deserve to have a right to go to trial.”

Last month Diddy had a video call with Gunna telling him to “keep the faith” and “stay laser focused.” As someone who has had a number of artists with their prison run ins, he’s had his experience with consoling artists. And hopefully it’s all for good. We’ll see how this next appeal he’s filed will be going.