Photo Credit: Halley Bailey/Instagram

Halle Bailey appeared on the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards orange carpet this week when she caused fans to give her a second take questioning how natural her curves were. The 22 year old took to Twitter laughing saying, “Lmaooo not y’all thinking i got boob implants whattt [crying emoji]” Bailey wrote. “No ma’am. God gave me these and gave chloe the booty [laughing emoji].”

While there she spoke with Entertainment about potentially recording an original song for the Disney live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid film she starred in as Ariel. “That would be so cool,” Halle gushed. Yeah, I mean it’s always a dream, so, I’ve just been writing and stuff, but I’m so excited.” You all might recall there was a petition circulating back in 2019 during casting on keeping her from getting the role so it’s been quite the journey for her.

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