Photo Credit: Mitchel Russo/Instagram

Some people simply don’t need to drink and Mitchel Musso is one of those people. The Hannah Montana star Mitchel Musso who played Oliver Oken on the show alongside Miley Cyrus and her dad Billy Ray Cyrus was arrested after having the police called on him Saturday at a Rockwell, TX hotel where he was alleged to have stolen a bag of potato chips. When asked to pay, he became verbally abusive and eventually “walked off.” By the time police caught up with him outside of the hotel, he was reported to be clearly under the influence. He spent the night in prison and was released on a $1,000 bond. He also faces charges of an expired car registration, failure to display a driving licence and violating a “promise to appear” notice.

What’s unfortunate about this is that at 37, he’s already seen his career end abruptly over a decade ago during a DUI charge in 2011 while filming for Disney’s Pair of Kings show where he was immediatley terminated from the show. One of his most recent posts on Instagram is from October 2021 with side by side pics of him writing, “The one on the left I was 119 pounds sick depressed and broken.” And from his recent behavior and lack of posts since then, he might still be dealing with depression. With sites like NickiSwift stating it’s common knowledge that Hollywood won’t hire him, that has to be tough to see. And there’s always the threat of the Disney curse looming over one’s head to fight. Hopefully this isn’t any sign of things to come from him and is just another one off event where he can pick himself up from here.