Photo Credit: Dwayne Mckell/Instagram

When he isn’t breaking hearts on social media with his thirst traps, Dwayne Mckell’s a rapper with his own group, Naughty Gang. Made up of him and his producer friend Dre Avery aka NaughtyBoiBeats. First of all the two have a ton of views of their music so there’s clearly interest and second, these days everyone is a rapper but Dwayne’s actually good. After hearing his track Jiggle It, we actually got mad that we don’t hear of his music more. He’s got the talent. We just hope to hear more of it. Between modeling, music and Connectpal, Dwayne Mckell’s got plenty of industry potential. We’ve added him to our top reality television wish list to include Deven HubbardVinny Watson, and Chicago rapper George Hill. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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