Photo Credit: Splash News

Hayden Panettiere’s boyfriend Brian Hickerson has long been problematic with her family saying so and stating they were concerned about her well being. And in typical controlling nature, he’s made statements saying she wasn’t afraid of him and they had a great relationship. Notice the abuser said that. Well if any question about their relationship has been lingering over the near year they’ve been together, they were answered today when he was charged in court with one count of felony domestic violence and ordered to stay 100 years from her.

Hickerson’s domestic violence charge came from his May 2nd arrest where an argument turned physical and now he’s facing 4 years for the charge of injuring a spouse, partner or cohabitant. The charge was confirmed by Greg Risling, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office.

Now there’s another part to this story that’s left out. Hayden suffered severe post partum depression and had to check into a facility months after giving birth to her child with her ex about 5 years ago. It was reported that she gave up custody of the child, which her current boyfriend says isn’t true and that she’s a good mother. Mind you, the child lives in the Ukraine with her ex. It’s very rare and unusual that in any custody agreement that the father gets the child and that it would be agreed upon that the parents live in separate countries. It’s also been reported that her drinking problem contributed to it. This type of mental state can contribute to a person staying in a dangerous relationship as the one that she’s in despite friends and family around her telling her to leave to no avail. We’re just going to pray that things get better for her.