Photo Credit: Hazel E/ Sean Coleman

Rapper Hazel E was talking quite a bit of trash about Yung Miami, her mother, her kids and her rap partner that’s currently behind bars stalling her career in a new diss track that after it received a response from Yung Miami to come down there to fight has Hazel rethinking things. In an interview with TMZ she said she expected it to be just back and forth between rap bars but that she didn’t have any intention of going down there to beat anyone up.

“I put it in a verse, I dropped how I feel and I left it there,” Hazel said. “I’m thinking in a good freestyle battle, she was gon’ be responding 48, 72 hours.” She went on to say “There’s been legendary Jay-Z, Nas rap beefs and it doesn’t always have to go to the streets.” Well we’re glad to see she’s come to her senses although we didn’t expect to see her fighting anyway. On the contrary, she spent a lot of time instigating fights on Love & Hip Hop only to be broken up by Security. Could this be because she knows there’s no Security to stop her? She also said we lost the great Nipsey Hussle to some “ignorant” behavior. She said that Yung Miami is a “little girl” and that she’s “too grown to be out fighting little girls.”

While no hands are going to be thrown here, Hazel did say she was going to sue them for stealing the beat from her song Actin’ Up to make their hit Act Up to get what’s rightfully hers. But as for this fighting mess, we hope she said something to Joseline because she said she’s in Ft. Lauderdale and ready. She doesn’t want to have a black eye on her hands from where Joseline Hernandez decided to go out and do something requiring bail money. Or does she?

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