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Rapper and Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Hazel E took to social media to talk about her recent plastic surgery woes. To start, she had gone to turkey for a mommy makeover that eventually didn’t go so well that’s now left her with “mom guilt.”

“I just wanted my old body back. To embrace motherhood you have to love every new flaw that comes with it. Gut, nipples pointing to the ground, fatigue, backaches. This was the first thing I had tried to do for [myself] since before I was pregnant. I have some mom guilt that is ripping my heart apart. I was tryna have my baby be internationally known. I wanted her to be well-traveled before 1.”

And this comes after she was in the hospital weeks ago posting videos coming clean about how bad of an experience she had been having saying, “I’ve been trying to push through… I couldn’t.” Talking about how complications caused her to have her breast implants removed, she said, “They had to take my boobs. Now I just got to a new hospital because I’m getting a blood transfusion.” She says things would have gotten “even worse” if she didn’t have them taken out.

“I wouldn’t be around for Ava anymore,” she said crying, talking about her daughter, Ava Dior. “I had to have the mommy makeover, then my makeover didn’t work so now I don’t have any boobs anymore — so you guys can’t f-king make fun of me anymore. This is what it is, you know?”

“Maybe at a different time, like when my body has a chance to heal from my tummy tuck…” she said about the possibility of getting implants again in the future. “Look, like I have no more boobs, they’re gone — it just is what it is, that’s the update.”

“Good plastic surgeons won’t let you do stuff that’s not good for you. He didn’t want me to be sick with Ava.”

The plastic surgeon she used came as a recommendation from former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Brandi Boyd who has since apologized saying she felt responsible for what happened.

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Now no respectable human being would ever want to see someone go through this. Post-partum depression in itself can be tough enough and not saying that it’s something Hazel’s experienced but body image issues after child birth generally lead to it and having to have breast implants removed after giving birth could cause someone to experience it if they hadn’t before. We hope her husband De’Von Waller helps her get through this.