Photo Credit: Hillary Duff/Instagram

Hillary Duff appeared on the Motherly podcast to talk about her experience becoming a mom at such a young age. She was 24 at the time and married to hockey player Mike Comrie. “It was a little isolating in the beginning because I didn’t have any friends that had babies yet,” she said of her experience. “But I had been working for such a long time that it felt like a natural step for me and I always knew I wanted to be a mom and I always knew that was going to be my number one priority in life. So, I felt ready on some fronts and a little scared on others, but really I only got scared once I was pregnant, you know, thinking like, ‘Oh this is actually really happening. What if this? What if that?’”

After Luca, her now 7 year old was born, she said “I did feel like after I had him, I lost a big chunk of my identity for like maybe the first year and a half, but I don’t think that was a negative thing.” She went on to say “At times, I was sad about it, but you know it’s full on. I don’t remember setting him down for the first three months of life. I was obsessively googling things and I just took it really seriously that I didn’t realize how all encompassing it would be. I knew it was the most important, biggest job in the world but you know, it looks very different once you’re just in the household with the baby by yourself all the time. It was shocking and it was also the happiest, most beautiful experience, so those two things butting up against each other is quite a strange mix sometimes.”

Her marriage to Comrie might now have worked but she’s said in the past she would have done nothing differently. The problem. she’s said is that they married too young. And during the time they spent apart, what seemingly put the nail in the coffin was reports that he was belligerently drunk in a restaurant hitting first on his waitress and then unloading hundreds of dollars on a woman sitting at the bar with her boyfriend asking her how much for sex. We don’t blame Duff, that’s not exactly the state you want to take someone back. At the same time, they have a beautiful child together that’s come out of it. She says she still loves Comrie, that they’re friends and as for the awkwardness of raising a child while not together, she’s grown used to it.

You can listen to Hillary Duff’s episode on the Motherly Podcast here.