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Battle rapper Hitman Holla had a sextape of him and his longtime girlfriend Cinnamon leak where we already posted the first part and all we can say is who says you have to choose between size and stroke when you’ve got Hitman Holla? He’s got both. Anyway, a second part is out and we’ve got it. As stated before, he said he posted it to his Close Friends, his girl knows all the 30 women on there, and that he would never do anything to disrespect her as people were claiming. He said either way, he’ll be fine. And fine indeed because he’s got fans saying that he was fine before but is much more so now.

Known for his about 10 seasons on WildNOut and now joining the cast of BET’s Games People Play, Hitman Holla is a recognizable name. And he’s just celebrated his 5th anniversary with Cinnamon that can be deemed quite a long time by most but after seeing these videos, it’s understandable what’s kept them together over the years. She took a bullet to her face when a home invasion happened this year and one can easily see why if they had a d*ck like that at home, they’d be inclined to take one for it too. Well maybe not, but you get the point.

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