Photo Credit: Nick Nush/TikTok

Some people really struggle with minding their business and that’s what happened at a Pennsylvania gym when a man became seriously triggered by an 18 year old with his shirt off. Using the lat pull down machine, the man stands in front of the teenager recording him. “What you doin man?” the guy asks, followed up with “Getting a shirtless workout in? Weirdo.”

The teen, named Nick Nush decides to engage the man asking how does that man him weird. The guy responded saying, “Cause you’re shirtless in a f—ing gym, retard.” Nush said he was recording his back and asked the man “What’s you problem? You ain’t gotta record me,” he says, getting a terse “F— you.” in response, “That’s weird assed s—, f– you, f—-t.”

The video proceeds with Nush telling the camera, “So I don’t even know this dude, and I am confused as hell of what’s going on, cause I don’t understand why he’s cursing me out and stuff. But he continues to stare at me and flip me off and mouth things at me — so I just had to say something.” He eventually told the man, “What, you mad an 18-year-old is bigger than you?” And it went downhill from there. You can watch the video below.


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