Khalil Wells is probably one of our favorite people to cover just because he’s so much a free spirited freak. From walking around naked outside to jerkin’ off with his brother, the sex toys and filming with guys and girls, what is there not to like? His body’s on point and he’s done fitness videos in the past sharing tips in the past. While we appreciate the workout videos, the ones of him c*mming are a lot more entertaining. And aside from the freak videos, he’s a poet and aspiring actor so he does have some other talents. He’s expressed multiple times him trying to get away from porn in which case he has plenty of potential for modeling and in fitness training if he focuses on it. Meanwhile, We’ve come across some more of freak footage of his that we’re absolutely certain you’ll enjoy.

Glitzers, check out the latest Khalil Wells freak footage we’ve come across below:
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