Taz Dyess calls himself The Last Slow Grinder. It’s a dance form we haven’t really seen since Pretty Ricky but damnit if it isn’t a turn on. But it didn’t come without accusations of the men doing it being gay. Who could forget the famous video of Spectacular slow grinding in those red panties? Well, they weren’t panties, just bikini briefs. It still didn’t stop the internet for calling ’em that.

Anyway, between that slow grinding, the pretty face, tats, those abs combined with his waistline, he’s hard to turn away from. He might be small but there’s likely not much a dancer’s stroke can’t handle. (Did I say that out loud?) And if you’re a super fan after years of watching his YouTube videos, he’s also a rapper so you can hook up one of Kandi Burruss’ sex toys… the ones that work in sync with the music playing, and go to town on yourself. I suggest his song Bootyologist while doing this.. (not that we’ve tried it. We just thought it would be a good suggestion.)

Glitzers, check out Taz Dyess’ hip work below:
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