Photo Credit: Ice Cube/Instagram

Something interesting happened this week where Ice Cube was announced by a member of the Trump campaign for helping write the President’s Platinum Plan which essentially is his black agenda. Now when this first came out, fans brought up how he would never support Trump and even capitalized NEVER on Twitter. He has elaborated saying that he wrote a “Contract with Black America (CWBA),” reached out to both the Trump and Biden campaigns and when the Biden campaign said to wait until after the election, he went with the Trump campaign who said now.

Again, this is a man who wrote a song about having Trump arrested in 2018 so this is quite an about face. Also, notice that he isn’t who made the announcement. The way this was portrayed by Trump campaign staffer Katrina Pierson, it was as though he was a proud member of his re-election campaign. He went on Twitter today saying that he didn’t endorse anyone for President.

We’ve seen this story before. Remember in 2018 when Kanye West announced quitting politics and said Candace Owens used him by claiming he designed the logo for her organization Blexit when he said he had nothing to do with it? It does appear that someone jumped the gun with this one possibly prematurely making an announcement. For the record, Ice Cube is not Kanye and if anyone is trying to use him to falsely inflate a political perception, my money would be on Mr. Oshea Jackson, aka Ice Cube. So they can try it if they want. I wouldn’t expect it to go well.

But during an interview with TMZ Live he said, “I know people have their thoughts… ‘I’m being used…’ I’m not being used,” adding that he hasn’t met with the President or even been to the White House for that matter.

“I talked to both campaigns like I said I would. I have a contract with Black America that both parties gonna have to get with,” he continued. “We can’t depend on one party to bring this through. It’s too broad. Both parties is gonna have to get with it. So, that’s what my mission is; to make sure both parties get with the program. And I’m here to get you to vote for any damn body.”

“Why y’all don’t come up with $600 billion man, what are y’all doing?” he laughed. “Where’s that $700 billion? We have to expect results, we have to push it. You know, the Democrats have a perfect opportunity to make our dreams come true. And they’re telling, you know, ‘let’s wait till after the election’ and… You could believe him or not. That’s not on Ice Cube, I’m not telling nobody how to vote. You can believe him or not.”

You can’t blame the man for trying to make change and you can’t blame him for going with who actually engaged him as though it’s ever been a thing for people like him to be called into the White House in the first house. Think about all the rap videos that featured the artist in the Oval Office. Would you? Don’t lie. But with that being said, he isn’t someone to be taken advantage of and he already said he wasn’t. So if the Trump campaign or specifically Katrina Pierson are reading this, it would be in your best interest not to play Mr. Jackson. Actually doing your job and doing right by the citizens of this country which is all Ice Cube wants might be a good place to start. And if you were consistent at it you wouldn’t have to try to pimp people, either.