Photo Credit: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Lady Gaga kicked off the inauguration making a statement in a way that only she knows how. I actually missed her performance and had to watch later but while listening and casually looking, I remember thinking that her outfit looked a little demure for her. She’s certainly toned things down in recent years. She had on what appeared to be a blue suit… until you keep looking and see it turns into a red gown with a massive red silk faille. Aside from the internet convinced that the pin she wore was a signal that she was leading us out of the Hunger Games and others saying she bulked up for the role of the fat lady singing marking the end of the Trump presidency, she did not disappoint singing the national anthem.



Then there was JLo. It’s hard to remember what she was wearing since her engagement ring nearly blinded us all. A-Rod definitely did his thing giving her that one. Wearing all white Chanel she sang a medley of This Land Is Your Land and America the Beautiful. I personally thought she did well considering we don’t think of JLo as someone who would be picked to do a ballad. I assumed she would be doing some type of dance number. That isn’t out of the ordinary. LL Cool J performed at Bill Clinton’s first inauguration so anything is possible. While I thought she did well, a war broke out on Facebook over it that I was dragged into so maybe not. Also, I’ll just add that I’d love to be in Mariah Carey’s group chat today.



Oh, a few other people performed but I want to touch on Garth Brooks. Like the StateFarm commercial, He sounded hideous. He butchered Amazing Grace. Every black person in America who heard that had to have been profoundly offended. I’m sure people have been put 6 feet under for ruining that song. It’s literally sacreligious. Judge for yourself. He sang as if he were there on community service as a parole obligation or something. You can judge for yourself.