Rapper IHeartMemphis is most known for his single Hit the Quan back in 2015 but from the looks of an underwear selfie he took he might be known for something a little more than his music. As his name states, IHeartMemphis which pays homage to his hometown of Memphis, if everyone else there is as packin’ as he is, I think I might like Memphis, too… lbvs. Not long ago he had a case where he was being tried for gang raping a fan. He was eventually cleared of the charges which I was already convinced he couldn’t have done because, well, look at that image.

The piece that this boy is carrying isn’t something that would warrant needing to force on someone. The Journal of Sex Research had a study that showed rape ranked as the third most popular sexual fantasy for women. I’m sure the same could be said for gay men. Another psychiatrist said there is irony to this because the fantasy is a “safe rape,” as if there is such a thing. Hey, nothing’s wrong with a rough fantasies but let’s not go overboard people. I mentioned all of that to say I’m sure there’s a number of people out there after seeing this pic not only would volunteer for him to have their way with them but the consensual part they probably wouldn’t care about. Don’t tell the #MeToo people this. They might get upset.

Glitzers, check out the package on rapper IHeartMemphis below: