Photo Credit: Trey Songz/Instagram

Trey Songz has been at the top of the trending topics on Twitter for his arrest at a Kansas City Chiefs game yesterday. In the footage, he’s surrounded by police while holding one of the officer’s in a headlock, clearly not caring. Now for my initial reaction to this, just as all the police videos showing them whooping someone’s a** or shooting them, I want to know what happened prior before blaming Trey. He deserves the same plausible deniability that police receive.

Witnesses say it came because the police showed up after he had asked hecklers to knock it off and they just chose to arrest him by default. Fans can be heard in the background saying to let him go and to “arrest the cops!” Now if Trey in fact was falsely being aprehended and he was just being harrassed for no reason, then good for him for standing up for himself and the same goes for the fans that defended him.. that is if he’s in the wrong.

And the image of him holding the officer in a headlock refusing to let go in front of the rest of the police and everyone else is the epitome of “If IDGAF was a Person” and this sole incident makes up for the earlier events of the year. He’s no longer going to be referred to as Trey Songz, he will now only be known as Goon Songz