Photo Credit: Iman Shumpert/Instagram

Free agent NBA baller Iman Shumpert is the latest to join the cast of Dancing with the Stars for its 30th season. He was seen leaving the DWTS studio earlier today trying not to be seen so as to not spoil the announcement. Well, it’s a little hard for him to hide. And for his female followers, and some of the men, they could spot his eggplant a mile away.

Now we’re not sure about how his dance skills are because we haven’t seen him before. I mean, he’s with Teyana Taylor and we’ve seen her give him lap dances on stage and well, we’re just going to give our hypothesis here. The way these two tend to be all over each other, they clearly have a good sex life and that is a trait of good dancers. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. And Shumpert’s in amazing shape. We’ve never seen him with over 2% body fat so he doesn’t have to worry about getting fit. We’ll enjoy watching the rehearsal videos, though.

Shumpert will be joining a list of other athletes that have appeared on Dancing with the Stars to include Emmitt SmithApolo OhnoKristi YamaguchiHines WardDonald DriverAdam Rippon. And they traditionally have done well so we’ll see how this goes. Other contestants this season include Olivia JadeKenya Moore and JoJo Siwa.