Craig P. Photography

Cortez Sims is an aspiring model in Michigan that while he gets plenty of attention showing off his body and smiling with his braces on IG Live, he just did what appears to be his first professional photoshoot with Craig P. Photography. We’ve followed him for some time and have said he needed to do that and this shoot’s likely going to solidify his place among the Instagram model elite. And that’s where it all starts. Just look at the cucumber girl Miina Mariie. A viral video on Instagram has her hanging with celebrities and getting flown out private.

This leads us to the current subject matter. Now that Cortez has some legitimate photos under his belt which is going to ultimately lead to more eyes on him, you know what else they’ll be looking for? For all the underwear and eggplant pics he takes, people are going to be inquiring about what’s underneath. Well we’ve got our hands on a few nudes of his. When he’s on Instagram Live and Snapchat, we’ve got to start paying closer attention because apparently anything is capable of happening.

And nudes aside, have you noticed that Cortez is single and we haven’t seen him out with anyone? Someone asked on Instagram Live the other day why didn’t he have a girl and why was he still single? Well after a little digging, he’s been known to be out with a few Instagram celebs, from Youtuber Dalv0 to PhillyJawz on Twitter to TheRealAmari on Instagram, all of which are gay men. The latter, Amari, he says is his cousin. Now they’re all social media influencers, so he could just be hanging with other popular people. It’s just highly coinciental that they’re all gay men and one of them, PhillyJawz has an OnlyFans page where he literally shows what his “jawz” do. So maybe that’s why he’s single. Someone from an LPSG forum said they saw him out at gay pride this year so maybe it’s not that big of a secret if in fact he does like guys. He raps and plays basketball too so he’s got that going for him in pulling guys. Who doesn’t have a rapper or baller fetish? Oh, just me? Ok. *face palm*