Toure Wallace, also known as XPharaoh is a VSU athlete and model who has a penchant for nudity. In fact, he’s said that being “Naked is a human commodity. Nudity is God’s art.” This is true and helpful especially when the nude subject’s worth looking at. He said the hardwork seems to be paying off and we agree. No one doubts he’s hot. And if you happen to have any type of a bad boy fetish he does have a small record. Back in 2016 he was placed on probation for creating counterfeit money in his dorm room. If anything, we’re actually amazed at the fact he did it because we’ve never heard of anyone doing such a thing. He said he did it because of an unfortunate childhood of growing up in Chicago. Well things are different now and he’s become quite popular with his photoshoots and since he doesn’t have a problem with being naked he might be interested in joining one of these paint and sip teams out there. Now that would be something to see. And as for his pics, we had put off covering him for some time and then by the time we decided to, we noticed he removed a lot of his more fun pics ie. eggplants, etc. Oh well, we’re still grateful for the ones we were able to share just the same.