Photo Credit: Hazel E/Instagram

We caught up with Hollywood publicist turned Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Hazel E for The Media Mogul News Hour with JaVonni Brustow where we had the chance to talk to one of the show’s most controversial figures. For starters she’s 2.5 years into marriage with her model boyfriend De’Von Waller, a relationship that started with him sliding in her DM’s and the rest being history.

And when we say Hazel and De’Von are a force to be reckoned with, that’s not just an expression. First we saw De’Von dragging Willie Taylor from Day 26 all through the Marriage Bootcamp house defending his wife’s honor and then we saw Masika Kalysha call De’Von out of his name and Hazel returned the favor by leaving Masika with a broken finger in the back of an ambulance with her wig in her hand. Clearly the Wallers are not to be f***ed with.

When it comes to understanding Hazel E, a major part of her career is something that she hasn’t quite gotten credit for which is the fact that there would be no Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood without her. We talked about how she both brought the concept and cast together for a pitch while working as a publicist and ended up with a show that she was asked to be on herself by Mona Scott. Given her background in the show’s creation, it puts things into perspective. How would you feel and react to your friends acting brand new on television, friends that you gave work? You’d probably turn up and remind them who you were as well.

As for new projects, she recently launched You’ve Been Hazed where you get to see more of the unfiltered Hazel along with her hubby taking on topics only the way she can. She already graduated from the school of Iyanla Vanzant so we’re sure she’s learned her lesson about what degree of a filter she needs since that show. She has been in talks with multiple networks on projects including the Nation of Hazel with the Zeus Network and the House of Dubai.

And just as we recommended that she join The Real Housewives of Atlanta as a friend of say Kandi Burruss after she left Love & Hip Hop, she did express that those are the type of women that she prefers being around given that she’s married now and with a child. And even though Love & Hip Hop is a been there, done that thing with her, she did say that she wouldn’t mind returning on an ensemble cast just because she feels she’s not quite done with everyone. And we would certainly be here for that.

Check out our interview with Hazel E below and let us know what you think.