Photo Credit: Tyra Bolling/instagram

R&B singer Tyra Bolling recently sat down for an interview with Petersburg Solution discussing her career and her time coming up in the industry. For those who don’t know, she grew up in Trey Songz’ hometown of Petersburg, VA. She also spoke about her experiences in coming out of the closet while under a major label contract. As an artist she’s able to command full audiences singing her music word for word with people like Keke Palmer singing Still in Love as though she were doing an audition over Instagram.

She also discussed the possibility of a podcast with Dondria that will include live performances as well. We’re going to keep our fingers crossed. And something else we’re hoping for is a collab between Tyra and Keke Palmer since Keke already likes singing her music. Why that didn’t come to mind during the interview, I have no idea. We’re also going to add a hometown performance to our Tyra wish list as well.

Check out our interview with R&B singer Tyra Bolling below and make sure to follow her on social media to keep up with her next moves.