Photo Credit: Eddie Vanz

Dante LyriQ is an R&B singer in Richmond, VA that recently sat down with Petersburg Solution for an interview in promoting his new single Escape. He’s described the song as being relatable in the sense that we’re all looking to escape from something. Whether it’s this pandemic or as he said his mental depression he’s experienced as the writer, we all could use an escape from time to time. With newly solidified representation by Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Misster Ray, LyriQ is poised to take the industry by storm, having already opened up for Trey Songz, J Holiday, Lloyd, Sammie, Lyfe Jemmings, Kem, and Bow Wow, this single and its soon to be released music video and accompanying EP will all be must haves.

During the interview, he was told that if there is anything to take away from this, was that he should work on some live recordings because he can actually sing live… something that is a bit of an industry rarity. I also pointed out that I’m not always the biggest fan of screening new artists but when you find a good one, it’s all worth it in the end. As a cousin of DC area artist Chaz French, whose quite talented himself, we made it known that they absolutely should work together in the future. That would be an awesome collab. Meanwhile, Escape is out now available for download and we recommend both getting it and following Dante LyriQ on social media to watch his journey and progression as an artist.

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