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We caught up with an artist in the Washington, DC area that we’ve had our eye on for awhile and were happy to finally get a chance to interview. Sir Harvey Fitz is an actor, theater journalist, host, photographer, voice artist and singer. With a list of titles like that, one can’t help but ask how do you find the time and surely you’d have to have a favorite. The medium he says he enjoys the most is writing which comes as no surprise to us as we came across Harvey as a writer for the Examiner in 2012.

He describes his childhood as being the real life Doug Funny writing in his room. After graduating college he was given arguably one of the best pieces of advice any artist could receive which is to find a way to make what you love profitable. As an artist myself it’s something I wholeheartedly understand as the process may be difficult but will definitely become worth it in the end. Harvey’s done spoken word since junior high school and writing his entire life with rapper Lil Wayne as his inspiration. Though not a typical choice, one can’t deny the rapper’s unique lyrical ability. Def Poetry Jam played a role in molding his style in the early days of becoming a spoken word artist. When it comes to material to discuss on stage, contrary to what one would think, he rarely speaks about himself. A simple conversation, he says can lead to pages of material.

To know Harvey is to know Tina Turner who he says is his favorite person in the world. Growing up in a house where secular music was banned as so many of us have, the only thing allowed was from the Motown era. It took one listen of an Ike and Tina album as a child and he’s been hooked since. Her fearlessness, deep sense of exploration and being an adventure lover are the things he likes the most about her and being an Aquarius, that is completely understandable.

Given the number of artists that have nicknamed their fans from Beyonce and the Beyhive, Mariah Carey and her Lambs, etc., we asked him what he would name his fans. Fort FitzThe Harvits, are names he came up with. He didn’t seem too thrilled at thinking about naming his fans but you never know, we’re sure there is more out there than he would think.

Considering the list of art mediums he’s involved in and mastered already is quite long, he made the announcement to us that he has decided to recently start trying his hand at producing beats.

If you’re interested in seeing Harvey perform, he appears at Everything Verses each Wednesday at Old Engine 12 in Washington, DC, his current permanent standing gig. For someone who is self-admittedly shy, he attacks it head on every week being the first person to perform. What better way to knock those butterflies out, right?

Being an artist comes with its challenges but the advice that he has to give is the same he received from Della Reese which is to “trust God and lean on His promises. Depend on Him as He is the only entity that will never let you down.” Very good advice we must say. If you don’t believe, you’ll never make it and Harvey has gotten as far as he has from using that advice.

Glitzers, get to know Washington, DC area artist Sir Harvey Fitz by watching his interview below and make sure you reach out to him on social media:

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