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Recorded 10/28/20

Season 3 of the PopGlitz Podcast started this time without news but an interview with Houston model Shaminder Biring. After doing a number of interviews and productions with other media work I’ve been doing, it occurred to me that we had not done a show in over 3 years. Time flies. And in doing so, we sought out Shaminder from an interview he did with Voyage Houston and decided to speak with him about his introduction into the industry, lessons learned and how he manages to stay in such great shape. Surprisingly he says he eats candy and pretty much anything he wants. So no obnoxious tales about eating all purple food like Mariah Carey or only eating with baby utensils like Elizabeth Hurley.

And call it southern charm or simply being level headed but he’s certainly not the pretentious stereotype of his peers in the industry… which is refreshing. Oh, and ladies, he happens to be single.

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