Agu Ukaogo, better known as King Agu has big d*ck energy. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who watched Bravo’s Invite Only Cabo. It was as common knowledge and known as the sky is blue. That coupled with his body had people lining up making their requests for him to make an OnlyFans account for people to sign up monthly to see adult content from him. Shockingly he actually agreed and said yes. It isn’t everyday people are able to convince celebrities to do things like that but we aren’t complaining. After all, who wouldn’t want to see more of him? We actually did a previous story on him the day he made the announcement saying we didn’t necessarily agree with him doing OnlyFans because he’s had a decent career and it seemed beneath him. Now we’re as happy to see him naked as anyone but we want to see him make it as well without doing anything to hinder him along the way. Okay, rant over. Glitzers, check out King Agu showing off his big d*ck energy below working out naked: Instagram | OnlyFans