Photo Credit: Cali Onixx; Trey Songz/Instagram

So I almost dropped the phone when we first got a hold of this alleged sextape clip of Trey Songz. It’s almost advised that you turn your phone the long way to make sure you catch it all. The tats on the guy in the video look like him. People say it sounds like him. So the elephant in the room (pun intended) is … is that really him?

As much as we want to say and believe that Trey really is hung like that, that looks like a toy. And one would think women have seen enough of those to know one when they see it. One for sure way to tell is to look at the base. If you’d notice, you can’t see where it meets his body. And it’s flopping around like a dildo stuck to the floor, so with that, we’re going to go with it being fake. Now if I’m wrong, may God write me and God bless Trey, but that certainly doesn’t seem real. We’re going to just keep our fingers crossed that another video comes out to confirm or deny this.