Photo Credit: Deven Hubbard/Instagram; Veronika Sekotova/Instagram

Model, athlete and routine PopGlitz Eye Candy, Deven Hubbard just had a birthday today. If you don’t know who he is, he’s the ATL baller we’ve seen grow and mature over the years from braces to a show stopping smile and looks that have always caused him to command attention. And while he may have started on Zaddy status, he’s officially on Daddy status with his own beautiful little girl. Whether it is in front of the camera with Cassidyboi or making magic with Demarcus Adams, Deven always produces fire content that keeps him effortless with a strong and growing fan base. That’s 340,000 on Instagram to be exact.

Video Credit: Deven Hubbard/Instagram

And for someone who knows how to make himself such a captivating person to follow, we of course have our wish list of what we’d like to see him doing. Could we not see him on Love Island? Do we need to get him boo’d up for Love & Hip Hop? We’re not going to call out any names but he does have a lot of the model boyfriends beat in the looks department. One of those Marvin Bienaime shoots wouldn’t be bad either. And as we’ve said before, some people simply belong in front of the camera, and he’s one of them.

Video Credit: Deven Hubbard/Instagram

Anyway, we wish Deven the best. And enjoy your day, King!

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