Photo Credit: BravoTV

Rapper Ja Rule made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen last night and his time there is likely going to go down in hip hop history. He didn’t drop any bars and he didn’t do a performance but he sure did stir the pot. For the Real Housewives watchers, Andy does an amazing job during every reunion to try to bring the cast back together following all of their feuds and knife fights. Yes, actual knife fights. (See the Potomac franchise Season 4). But Cohen’s attempt to bridge the divide between Ja Rule and hise career-long enemy of 50 Cent wasn’t quite as fruitful.

At one point during his time on the show, Andy Cohen asked Ja Rule to name 3 nice things about 50 Cent. He said, 1) he’s a bad father, 2) he has a block shaped head and 3) he looks like his breath stinks. It’s safe to say that didn’t quite go as planned. Poor Andy tried and even said he was hoping to get the two of them on better terms to which Ja Rule said, “What do you expect? We’re sworn enemies forever!” Hey, you win some and you lose some, but the win that DID occur is the fact that October 6th, 2019 will go down in history as the day Rule just renewed his beef with 50 for a couple more years.

In all fairness, what was said wasn’t on the level of announcing he would shoot up someone’s house or “the next time I see you, that’s it.” It was just shade… heavy shade. And thank you to Andy Cohen for providing that beautiful television footage. Meanwhile, Ja Rule will be on the Wendy Williams Show this Thursday so there will be more to report on by then and you can believe that 50 is going to have said something in response by that time. And might we remind you that 50 literally just vowed to bury the hatchet with Wendy after hearing how she put her job on the line back in the day almost 20 years ago on radio to play his music when she wasn’t supposed to, getting her suspended for going rogue. Let’s hope he doesn’t throw any jabs at Wendy for having him on.