Photo Credit: Steve-O/Instagram

Steve-O is most known for his over the top and often dangerous prank videos with MTV over the years but lesser known are his rap videos he did back in the day like his 2Pac inspired All Eyez On Steve. And what people may not know is that he was slated to have his own rap album back in 2008 called Hard as a Rock but Universal Music Group ended up shelving it. Well now he’s working on a new rap album.

During a recent interview with HipHopDX, he said he’s pitched the idea of a hardcore rap album with a lot of his hip hop guests on his Wild Ride! with Steve-O and co-host Scott Randolph podcast.

“We’ve had so many artists on my podcast, and we just floated it out there, ‘If I made a comedy gangster rap album, would you be down to feature on it?’” he tells DX. “I mean, maybe the people are just being nice because they’re on my podcast and they don’t want to say that there, but it really feels like I can put together a very star-studded project. And if I can just wrap my head around the idea of it, you know, work through the scar tissue of that last experience, I think it could be really fun and funny.”

Too $hort appeared on his show on November 4th welcome to the idea. “I told Too $hort I have one idea for sure already, which is a song called, ‘I Love My Girl, But …‘” Steve-O says with a laugh. “Too $hort’s immediate response was, ‘Aw, I’m already on that.’ Just about a week out of every month, my girl is possessed by this fucked-up demon. I can’t fuck with the demon, man. You know? I dip out and try and just fucking go on a road trip when the demon shows up, and then I’m fucked because the demon has my number.

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