Photo Credit: Jada Pinkett Smith/Instagram

This has been a whirlwind week for the Will and Jada Pinkett Smith household. Within a matter of days, in an interview with Angela Yee, August Alsina decided to announce that he not only had a relationship with Jada, but that her husband gave him his blessing to do it. This leads to the decades of rumors that have never really been confirmed, but sort of hush hush common knowledge about Will and Jada’s relationship.

Now keep in mind that August is not someone who does things for clout. Well, there was that middle of the night tweet he did in promo of a new single of him hanging from a noose with no caption that scared the sh** out of everyone years ago, i’ll never personally forgive him for, but outside of that? Nothing. He even said in the most genuine of ways that he just needed to get this off of his chest. The problem is that the next day she denied having a relationship with him.

Now all of this looks like a moment of playing with this young, vulnerable guy and tossing him away leaving him clearly hurt in front of the world. Jada’s in her late 40s and Will’s in his early 50s. They’re a little too old to be playing these types of games in the public, not to mention Jada has a show where she literally gives life advice to everyone else. Even she knows she can’t just leave this out there dangling or else it’s going to make her look like a hypocrite.

The coming weeks are going to be a turning point for jada as she just announced on Twitter that she needs to go through some healing and will be presenting herself at Red Table Talk, her show. That can mean one of two things. Either she’s going to come clean or she’s going to lie her ass of and kill her credibility moving forward with her show.

And is everything too far out of the closet to try and stuff it back in for these two? One celebrity came out and made a cryptic tweet about the truth coming out that seemed directed right at Will and Jada. That was Tischa Campbell posting on Instagram about the truth coming out and about how some “WILL lie until the end” and that will seemed to be a straight shot at Will Smith. And then Will is said to have a girlfriend on the side who apparently is already out in the ether just waiting to be exposed. Her name is Heidy De la Rosa, a model in her 30s. And as most side chicks go, she’s on Instagram almost begging to be noticed posting about trips she’s taking with him without mentioning his name directly. And I’ll add that Jada follows her on Instagram as well.

So what does Jada have to lose? So you don’t have a regular traditional life… so what? It’s 2020. Tell people to mind their business. Explanations aren’t needed. But she does at least owe August Alsina something better that the state she left him in. Now THAT is wrong.